Ham and Turkey Sandwiches on Homemade Bread with Cheddar Cheese

OK... so this is hardly a recipe, but OMG was it fun.  Through some idiocy on my part, the day after Easter left me with not only ham, but also the rolled turkey breast I had concocted a few days before.  Sometimes I just don’t think.

I had also made bread, which of course made us both think SANDWICHES 😃😃😃 

4 slices of bread... slathered with mayo and a touch of Dijon... a sprinkling of smoked salt and smoked pepper (to replace the bacon I didn’t have on hand)... two thin slices of the turkey breast roll per sandwich... a slice of ham per... same with very thin whispers of cheddar... and then... one of my favorite ingredients, shunned by self-conscious foodies everywhere:  ICEBERG LETTUCE! 

Not remotely fancy. 

But truly, truly soul-satisfying with a glass of wine... even with no tomato or bacon.

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