Ham Cakes

Got Ham?  Then you really must...

In my never-ending quest to “repurpose” the Easter Ham...

I am a big fan of cakes.

Don’t panic!  I mean savory cakes:  salmon, veggie, tuna, shrimp, chicken, etc.  So, last night, I made a ham cake to outshine all others.

I chopped equal parts (approximately 1/2 C each) of ham and - the magic happens here - potato gratin made with Gruyère, cream, and thyme...


Added an egg, about 1T Dijon, and maybe 1/3 C panko.  A little S&P.

Shaped it into 4 medium cakes...  coated them in more panko...  fried them in EVOO until golden and gorgeous.   And served them with a drizzle of brown butter and fried capers.

If you have never believed me before...  Believe me now!

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