Happy Easter 2023!


I'm not at all sure how this happened... but it's Easter... already!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful day together, and, to help make Sunday (and the days thereafter) a bit easier, here are some of This Old

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Risotto with Ham, Peas and Carraway

So the next installment of Our Easter Ham Adventure was a totally new one for us:  ham, pea, and caraway risotto...

Oh boy!  Home run!

I cubed about a cup of the ham, and fried it just a bit in…

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Hamapalooza 2023 Continues with Ham Chowder!

Warm up the bowls for this Hamapalooza Flashback!

With the cool, wet Spring going on this May (we had a fire in the fireplace last night!), I'm reminded of one more blessing from Easter 2018...

Ham Chowder!

I’ve never really…

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Ham "Chili" with Heirloom Beans

Eanie Beanie, Chili Beanie, The Hamapalooza Spirits Are About to Speak!

I had some gorgeous heirloom beans from Deb in L.A. ...

Good Mother Stallards (on the left) and Snow Caps (on the right)...

I also had some absolutely delicious…

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Easter Ham Hash

You know I hate waste.

You know I'm cheap.

You know throwing food away makes me crazy.

And you know I really hate the word "leftovers."  Could there possibly be a less appetizing descriptor for a meal?  Who would want…

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